lemangs & ketupats

salam semua…. how are the ketupats & lemangs getting along in your stomach?hehe must be great is it.. 🙂 i think i need not to think about lemangs & ketupats anymore… dah berterabur my diet since the day 1 of Raya… But one thing for sure, i really enjoy this Raya…

Rasanya tak salah kalo kita nak enjoy food. cuma kena selalu ada check and balance lah. After all hidup kita ni cuma sekali, so rugi lah kalo kita tak enjoy semua makanan yang ada ini. Enough excercise will do…

Nway starting from today, i m going to make myself busy at gym again. My PT, Hakim dah sms early this morning to remind about today session.. I am very eager top hit the gym again. 🙂 masa kat penang i sempat g gym 2 kali je. ermm Fitness First Island plaza x bes cam kat menara MBF tapi oklah dari xde apa langsung kan….

Oklah i m out to gym ni… nanti kita update lagi.. ciow…

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