7 Hacks How to Plan for your Next Trip


Planning a long trip can be a daunting task to most of us. Where to begin? How to start? What is the best time? How to save money? It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the beginning, especially when this is your first time travelling. In this posting, i will try to help with some ideas how to move forward.

1. Decide where do you want to go.

This is the most crucial part of your travelling. Defining where you want to go sets a goal to work towards it. A lot of people talk about travel. They never say where they are going, just that they are going. Picking a destination is immensely important, as it gives you a definite goal. It’s a lot easier to mentally get behind “I am going to London” than “I’m going to Europe.” Not only will your trip become more concrete for you and easier to commit to, but it will make planning easier as well.

2. Decide the length of your trip

How much does it cost to travel? You can’t figure out how much you need to save if you haven’t decided on how long you’ll be in your destination. After you decided “I’m going to London,” add “for 10 days.” By doing this you can start planning the details costing.

3. Plan your budget or costs

Your task now is to research the costs in your destination at the style of travel you want. Do you want to backpack or would you rather stay in luxury hotels? How much to spend for hostels, hotels, restaurants and attractions? Knowing these will allow you to estimate how much money you may need for your trip.

4. Start saving money

I personally prefer to write down all my current expenses so i can determine my spending money and how i can cut back. We spend a lot of money every day through small purchases for a bottle of water, the dollar for that snack and that coffee shot at Starbucks. All of that adds up and creating this breakdown can let you know where you need to cut and save. You can start reserving a small amount of money on daily basis.

5. Book your flights, accommodation & check for last minute deals

Okay, you’re inspired, prepared, and on your way to saving money for your trip. So don’t forget to buy that flight or book your accommodation. Check out for some last minutes deals from those travel websites such Booking.com, Agoda.com or Expedia.

6. Plan your activities

Sketch out the main activities you want to do and how much they cost. Make any last-minute adjustments to your savings so you can ensure you have enough money. This will also help you figure out if you need any reservations for your chosen tours or activities. Based from my experience planning is crucial when it comes to control your expenses.

7. Buy your travel insurance

While a lot of people think “I’m healthy, I don’t need travel insurance and I won’t get sick,”. Travel insurance is much more than just medical protection. It covers you when your camera breaks, your flight is canceled, a family member dies and you have to come home, or something is stolen.
Travel insurance is something you will need on the road. You never know what might happen, and most health plans won’t cover you overseas.
Hope this will help you to start planning for your next trip.

Author: Hafiz Mahadzir

I'm Hafiz. I have a passion for food, travel and having fun. I hope to lead you to delicious and enjoyable experiences around the world. For enquiries or just to say hi, email me at hafiz.mahadzir@gmail.com

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