Where to Stay in Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia and a major air hub in Southeast Asia. While it’s nowhere near as big as Bangkok, it’s a spread-out city that can be hard to navigate. The roads are confusing sometimes especially if this is your first trip.
With numerous option for hotels in KL, let me help you to narrowed down the best areas to stay during your visit in KL. These areas are centrally-located with access to public transport and have access to the the most popular sites in KL.
The hotels listed are the best-rated hotels in their class for each area.
Kuala Lumpur City Centre is the shopping complex attached to the Petronas Twin Towers, and sometimes refers to the area around the towers. There are lots of malls and luxury hotel chains in this area. Let’s check what can you get around KLCC.
Budget (1 – 2 Stars/hostel)
Mid range (3 – 4 stars)
Luxury (5 stars)
Chinatown / Masjid Jamek area
This is where you will find the cheapest budget guesthouses and the most lively street activity. Hostels and guesthouses are clustered around the Petaling Street market, and it is also near the colonial-era administrative buildings. Some of the budget options are very basic, catering for the backpacker set, while the mid-range options are the cheapest in central KL. This area are also very well connected with numbers of train station. I would say this area as heart of Kuala Lumpur.
Budget (1 – 2 stars/hostel)
Mid range (3 – 4 stars)
Luxury (5 stars)
Bukit Bintang
This is popular shopping street in central KL with lots of cheap and mid-range hotels. Bukit Bintang refers to the street of the same name, and the surrounding area. Running parallel to Bukit Bintang is Jalan Alor. As mentioned in my previous posting, Jalan Alor has a famous night food market on the street.
Budget (1 – 2 stars/hostel)
Mid range (3 – 4 stars)
Luxury (5 stars)
KL Sentral / Bangsar
KL Sentral is where the central of public transport connectivity. While Bangsar located just next to it. There are plenty of option to choose from the cheapest to the luxury. Lets see the option around here.
Budget (1 – 2 stars/hostel)
Mid range (3 – 4 stars)
Luxury (5 star)
Thats all for now. I do hope this enlighten you about where to stay in KL. I will share specific comments and review of the hotels in my next posting. Stay tuned.

Author: Hafiz Mahadzir

I'm Hafiz. I have a passion for food, travel and having fun. I hope to lead you to delicious and enjoyable experiences around the world. For enquiries or just to say hi, email me at hafiz.mahadzir@gmail.com

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