Cheap Public Transport to Use in Penang

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There are plenty of convenient, reliable, and affordable forms of public transportation in Penang, including buses, taxis, ferries, and a funicular.

Penang Buses

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You can buy tickets to the Penang Hop on Hop off Bus for 24- or 48-hour durations. Buses run about every 30 minutes. These buses a great way to see Penang, and they offer discounts for students.


Rapid Penang runs air-conditioned coach service all over the island. This is the cheapest way to travel around Penang, but it often involves a long wait.

The city of Penang offers free shuttle service to historical sites. Shuttles run in a loop and you can hop on or off at any of the shuttles stops.

Penang Ferries

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A fleet of eight ferries links Georgetown to Penang Island and to Butterworth on the mainland. The first ferry departs from Butterworth at 6:00 a.m., with the last one leaving at midnight. Departures from Penang Island start at 5:30 a.m. The ferry can carry both pedestrians and cars.

Penang Taxi/Grab

Taxis are convenient, but can be troublesome. Drivers ignore the meter and charge what they want, even though the law prohibits it. It works out better to flag one on the street and negotiate the price in advance. Always ask the price before getting in, and unless you’re sure it’s fair, try to bargain it down.

Alternatively for now, i would recommend you to use Grab instead of Taxi services.

Penang Funicular

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The Swiss-made funicular (tram) takes about a half hour to climb Penang Hill. It’s a slow-but-fun ride that reveals vegetable farms and colonial homes along the way.

Hope this give you some ideas to plan your trip soon.. 🙂


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