5 Helpful Tips to Know While Arrinving in Bangkok

1. Bring a photocopy of your passport details page

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image credit : mysumber.com

You might be asked to produce some form of ID for certain clubs or bars in Bangkok. This rule has been heavily enforced lately, and you could be fined if you fail to show the authority your ID when they ask for it.

So if you’re planning to enjoy the nightlife, it’s advisable to bring your passport or at least a photocopy of it.

2. Make sure you fill up your arrival and departure cards correctly and skip the queue by using the ASEAN immigration counters


Image credit : http://www.captainsnote.com


Make sure that you fill in the correct information on your cards. There’s also a special lane for tourists holding passports from ASEAN countries, and the queue is usually shorter than the other counters.

3. Take the Airport Rail Link or airport buses for the cheapest trip to the city, from as low as THB15 (about RM1.87) per person

Image from Wikipedia

Image credit : Wikipedia


Suvarnabhumi Airport
The cheapest and most convenient way to get to Bangkok city is through the Airport Rail Link, which will cost you only a maximum of THB45 (about RM5.60). Phaya Thai is the train’s last stop, which is located in the city’s central area. Alternatively, you can also take the Bor Khor Sor buses if your hotel is located in the Ekkamai, Sukhumvit, or Chatuchak areas.


Image from Thaizer

Image via Thaizer


Don Mueang Airport
There are four buses that go into Bangkok city centre which only cost THB30 (about RM4) or THB50 (about RM7), depending on the route. Here’s the list of destinations:

– Bus A1 stops at the Mo Chit BTS station, THB30.
– Bus A2 stops at Victory Monument, THB30.
– Bus A3 stops at Lumpini Park, THB50.
– Bus A4 stops at Khao San Road, THB50.


4. Use Grab if you need to go somewhere without a train station

Image from Grab

Image via Grab


Some taxi drivers don’t charge by the meter, especially during peak hours. Grab is the best and safest option, since it offers services like the usual GrabTaxi, GrabCar, and even GrabBike.


5. Get a Rabbit card or One Day Pass


Image credit : bangkokbts.com

Rabbit Card

The easiest way to travel around Bangkok is by train, so it’s highly recommended that you get one of these. The Rabbit card is like our Touch ‘n Go – it’s a smart card that allows for cashless transaction on the BTS trains, BRT buses, McDonald’s, and a few other restaurants. The ticket machines at the train stations only accept coins and the queue to get tickets can get quite long during peak hours, so having this card really helps.

You’ll need to pay THB100 (about RM13for the card, which comes with a five-year validity period. There are two ways you can store value into your Rabbit card:

1. Top up your card like how you do for your Touch ‘n Go back at home. Note that the minimum top up value is THB100.
2. Purchase a 30-day trip plan, starting from THB465 (about RM57.86) for 15 trips. This plan only applies for trips taken on BTS trains, and is valid for trips taken within 30 days from the day you first use your Rabbit card. You can check out their other 30-day plans here.

One Day Pass

If you plan to use a lot of train services in a day, u can consider to purchase One Day Pass that will cost you 140Baht. You can purchase this card at all BTS station. Please note that this One Day Pass only valid at BTS train services.


So travel safe & have fun while you are in Bangkok.

Author: Hafiz Mahadzir

I'm Hafiz. I have a passion for food, travel and having fun. I hope to lead you to delicious and enjoyable experiences around the world. For enquiries or just to say hi, email me at hafiz.mahadzir@gmail.com

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