Most Delicious Food to Try in Malaysia

You may have not eat rice, noodles or fried pancake for breakfast. Well it’s time for you to ventured out of your comfort zone. Let me share with you what Malaysia can offer.

Nasi Lemak


Malaysia’s favorite breakfast comes wrapped in a banana leaf pouch. The rice is cooked or steamed with coconut cream and served with fried anchovies, sambal (spicy shrimp paste), boiled or fried egg and peanuts. Go local at the food stall or markets and get it for RM2 ($0.50), or go fancy at a boutique cafe and have it for at least RM15 ($3.75).

Roti CanaiHasil carian imej untuk roti canai

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If there’s only one roti you’ll try in Malaysia, this should be it. This fried pancake of Indian origin is usually served with dal (lentil-based soup) or kari (curry) and is best eaten with bare hands. This meal is known as roti prata in Singapore. Please note that you can also ask that it be cooked with egg or sardine, in which case it would be called ‘roti telur’ or ‘roti sardin’.

Dim Sum

If you prefer snacks to breakfasts, or snacks for breakfast, this bite-sized style of cuisine will suit your palate and your gastronomic fashion. Fresh, flavorful, and steaming, food is typically served in bamboo steamer baskets. As dim sum is known as chinese cuisine and  your preference is halal, Malaysia has plenty of halal dim sum restaurants to choose from.

KaripapHasil carian imej untuk karipap

This snack often doubles up as breakfast, particularly for those who are on the go. It’s a small fried pastry braided on the side and stuffed with chicken curry potatoes chicken or sardine. Some says it does looks like a fried dumpling, textured like a pie, and tastes like curry.

Apam Balik

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Pancakes aren’t just served with maple syrup, cream or blueberries. Malaysia’s breakfast griddle pancake known as apam balik is stuffed with nuts, sweetcorn, chocolate sauce or even served with cheese and then flipped over for good measure.


This long, crepe-like meal may look huge when served, but you’ll soon see that it takes up a small room in your stomach. This is typically served with yogurt or curry on the side. You will find it so many name such as ‘tosei,’ ‘thosai,’ or even ‘dosai’.

Kaya Toast

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Of course, you should try kaya toast! Filled with coconut jam, this toasted sandwich will offer a sweet start to your day. This is usually paired with a cup of coffee or tea, and sometimes complemented by a couple of soft-boiled eggs.

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