What Can you Expect From Taman Tugu Forest Trail


What is your expectation when you heard about a jungle in the midst of the city centre? Let me help you to manage your expectation.

Taman Tugu is a new addition to KL’s green spaces which are under constant threat from urban development. The park opened in September 2018 with the aim of conserving a 66-acre green-lung in the middle of Kuala Lumpur and turning it into an urban forest park open to the public. Currently there are 2 kms of forest trails on a 20 acre portion of the site and this will be expanded in future.


There is a maze of trails around the park and it will take to about 45 minutes to see it all. There are some steps and gentle slopes for a reasonable workout. The paths are well marked and sign-posted are almost everywhere.

There are a few benches around, constructed from termite-proof concrete, in case you need a rest or just want to slow down to observe your surroundings. There are also swings and an observation tower. Oh ya, please bring a bottle of water with you ok.

A little throwback in the 1930s the Taman Tugu site was home to a number of bungalows occupied by British and local officers working for the Department of Agriculture. Many of the residents beautified their gardens with exotic and ornamental planting including palm oil trees imported from West Africa. Some of these trees and plants are still here.

After Independence the site housed the residences of a number of senior government officials but they were abandoned in the 1970s and the area became an illegal dumping ground for rubbish and construction waste which had to be cleared away and recycled in order for the park to be opened.

There were proposals to redevelop the site but fortunately Khazanah Nasional and the support of Malaysian Nature Society, FRIM and others Taman Tugu has been saved. I do hope that this site will be forever save as a public park.

About 4,000 trees are being planted here, added to the existing 1,000 or so trees identified as worthy of conservation. The result is lush foliage, more dense and varied than you see in many other urban parks and forest reserves around KL.


To help us understand better about the trees here, many of the trees have been labelled and descriptions provided giving details of their features, habitat and usage.

So if you are in KL, check out this Taman Tugu.

Opening Hours & Admission Fee

Open every day from 7 am to 6.30 pm.

Admission Fee:  Entrance is Free.


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