Sejarah Central Market

Ada orang panggil Central Market ada orang panggil Pasar Seni. Keduanya membawa maksud dan cerita yang berbeza.

Central Market

Dibuka oleh Kapitan Cina, Yap Ah Loy pada tahun 1888 sebagai pasar basah. Pada awalnya, merupakan pusat tumpuan perniagaan ikan, daging dan sayur-sayuran serta keperluan harian lain dalam kalangan pelombong bijih timah sekitar Lembah Klang. Pada 1936, jurutera bandar, R H Seed menaiktaraf bangunan pasar besar ini.

Pasar Seni

Pada awal tahun 80an Kerajaan Malaysia telah bersetuju untuk memindahkan pasar basah ini ke satu lokasi lain dan memperuntukkan RM9juta untuk menaiktaraf dan mengubah dari pasar basah kepada sebuah pusat kebudayaan dan kesenian Malaysia.

Pada 15 April 1986, Central Market telah dinamakan semula sebagai Pasar Seni.

Hari ini…

Setelah melalui pelbagai proses dan usaha pemuliharaan, hari ini Pasar Seni cukup terkenal dikalangan pelancung dalam dan luar negara. Secara peribadi, Hafiz rasakan Pasar Seni atau Central Market ni adalah sebuah lokasi yang wajib untuk korang datang sekiranya korang datang bercuti di Kuala Lumpur.


Bagi Hafiz Pasar Seni ni perlu melalui satu proses pembaharuan. Bukan sekadar fokus kepada pelancong asing jika mahu terus kekal relevan. Lebih banyak program atau aktiviti yang boleh terus di lakukan bagi menggalakkan warga tempatan untuk terus ke sini.

Semoga Pasar Seni akan terus bertahan dan relevan di masa akan datang…

Review / Pengalaman di Rosa Malacca

Rosa Malacca. Unik kan nama hotel ni. Hotel ni agak terkenal di Instagram. Setiap sudut dihotel ni sangat lah ‘insta worthy’. Gambar di atas ni ialah bahagian luar hotel Rosa Malacca ni. Cantik kan? tak gambar atas ni?

Melangkah masuk ke dalam hotel ni mesti korang tercari mana nak reception counter untuk check in kan. Gambar diatas ni ialah ruang lepak santai jer. Lobbi terletak di tingkat 1.

Reception Counter

Keluar dari lif tingkat 1, korang boleh lah terus check in. Bersebelahan dengan kaunter reception ni ada cafe. Boleh lah korang lepak makan atau minum2 santai kat sini. Hafiz tak sempat breakfast atau makan kat sini sebab dah ada plan makan kat luar.

Gambar kat atas ni ialah kedaaan dalam bililk. Kitaorg bertiga, jadi dok lah bilik Family Room ni. Memang best dan selesa.

Secara keselurahnnya hotel ni memang best. Cuma kena bagitau siap-siap yang hotel ni tak ada swimming pool. Nextime kalau datang Melaka memang akan book lagi kat Hotel ni.

Resepi Burnt Cheesecake


Sejak dua menjak ni Burnt Cheesecake ni memang jadi pilihan ramai kan. Boleh kata mana-mana cafe yang Hafiz pergi sekarang mesti ada jual Burnt Cheesecake ni.

Sebenarnya tak susah mana pun nak buat Burnt Cheesecake ni. Bahan-bahan pun tak banyak. Cuma Hafiz cadangkan korang gunakan lah bahan-bahan yang premium untuk dapatkan hasil yang terbaik.

Jom tengok bahan-bahan yang diperlukan.


  • 650g cream cheese (room temperature)
  • 200 gram gula kastor
  • 4 biji telur
  • 250 gram whipped cream
  • 20 gram tepung gandum

Cara-cara penyediaanya:

  1. Panaskan oven pada suhu 200°C. (bergantung pada oven masing-masing)
  2. Sediakan loyang bulat bersaiz 7inci dan alaskan dengan parchment paper.
  3. Putarkan cream cheese dengan gula kastor sehingga sebati.
  4. Bila dah sebati dan nampak gebu tu, masukkan telur satu demi satu.
  5. Masukkan whipping cream dan gaulkan sehingga sebati.
  6. Masukkan tepung gandum dan gaulkan adunan sehingga sebati.
  7. Masukkan adunan ke dalam loyang yang dialaskan dengan parchment paper.
  8. Bakarkan kek pada 200°C selama 1 jam atau sehingga bahagian atas kek sudah bertukar menjadi warna coklat gelap. Selepas 40 minit tu korang boleh cek tengok samada kek tu dibakar sama rata. Jika perlu untuk ubah, sila ubahuntuk dapatkan permukaan yang dibakar rata.
  9. Biarkan kek seketika di dalam ketuhar tanpa membuka pintu ketuhar.
  10. Selepas lebih kurang 1 jam, boleh lah disimpan didalam peti sejuk sekurang-kurangnya 6 jam sebelum dihidang.

Kalau rajin boleh lah cuba resepi ni ok. Kalau malas & nak cepat, korang pergi lah tengok kat Instagram @thelatenightbaker.kl untuk order.hehhehe

What Can you Expect From Taman Tugu Forest Trail


What is your expectation when you heard about a jungle in the midst of the city centre? Let me help you to manage your expectation.

Taman Tugu is a new addition to KL’s green spaces which are under constant threat from urban development. The park opened in September 2018 with the aim of conserving a 66-acre green-lung in the middle of Kuala Lumpur and turning it into an urban forest park open to the public. Currently there are 2 kms of forest trails on a 20 acre portion of the site and this will be expanded in future.


There is a maze of trails around the park and it will take to about 45 minutes to see it all. There are some steps and gentle slopes for a reasonable workout. The paths are well marked and sign-posted are almost everywhere.

There are a few benches around, constructed from termite-proof concrete, in case you need a rest or just want to slow down to observe your surroundings. There are also swings and an observation tower. Oh ya, please bring a bottle of water with you ok.

A little throwback in the 1930s the Taman Tugu site was home to a number of bungalows occupied by British and local officers working for the Department of Agriculture. Many of the residents beautified their gardens with exotic and ornamental planting including palm oil trees imported from West Africa. Some of these trees and plants are still here.

After Independence the site housed the residences of a number of senior government officials but they were abandoned in the 1970s and the area became an illegal dumping ground for rubbish and construction waste which had to be cleared away and recycled in order for the park to be opened.

There were proposals to redevelop the site but fortunately Khazanah Nasional and the support of Malaysian Nature Society, FRIM and others Taman Tugu has been saved. I do hope that this site will be forever save as a public park.

About 4,000 trees are being planted here, added to the existing 1,000 or so trees identified as worthy of conservation. The result is lush foliage, more dense and varied than you see in many other urban parks and forest reserves around KL.


To help us understand better about the trees here, many of the trees have been labelled and descriptions provided giving details of their features, habitat and usage.

So if you are in KL, check out this Taman Tugu.

Opening Hours & Admission Fee

Open every day from 7 am to 6.30 pm.

Admission Fee:  Entrance is Free.


Most Delicious Food to Try in Malaysia

You may have not eat rice, noodles or fried pancake for breakfast. Well it’s time for you to ventured out of your comfort zone. Let me share with you what Malaysia can offer.

Nasi Lemak


Malaysia’s favorite breakfast comes wrapped in a banana leaf pouch. The rice is cooked or steamed with coconut cream and served with fried anchovies, sambal (spicy shrimp paste), boiled or fried egg and peanuts. Go local at the food stall or markets and get it for RM2 ($0.50), or go fancy at a boutique cafe and have it for at least RM15 ($3.75).

Roti CanaiHasil carian imej untuk roti canai

Photo credit :

If there’s only one roti you’ll try in Malaysia, this should be it. This fried pancake of Indian origin is usually served with dal (lentil-based soup) or kari (curry) and is best eaten with bare hands. This meal is known as roti prata in Singapore. Please note that you can also ask that it be cooked with egg or sardine, in which case it would be called ‘roti telur’ or ‘roti sardin’.

Dim Sum

If you prefer snacks to breakfasts, or snacks for breakfast, this bite-sized style of cuisine will suit your palate and your gastronomic fashion. Fresh, flavorful, and steaming, food is typically served in bamboo steamer baskets. As dim sum is known as chinese cuisine and  your preference is halal, Malaysia has plenty of halal dim sum restaurants to choose from.

KaripapHasil carian imej untuk karipap

This snack often doubles up as breakfast, particularly for those who are on the go. It’s a small fried pastry braided on the side and stuffed with chicken curry potatoes chicken or sardine. Some says it does looks like a fried dumpling, textured like a pie, and tastes like curry.

Apam Balik

Photo credit :

Pancakes aren’t just served with maple syrup, cream or blueberries. Malaysia’s breakfast griddle pancake known as apam balik is stuffed with nuts, sweetcorn, chocolate sauce or even served with cheese and then flipped over for good measure.


This long, crepe-like meal may look huge when served, but you’ll soon see that it takes up a small room in your stomach. This is typically served with yogurt or curry on the side. You will find it so many name such as ‘tosei,’ ‘thosai,’ or even ‘dosai’.

Kaya Toast

Hasil carian imej untuk kaya toast

Photo credit :

Of course, you should try kaya toast! Filled with coconut jam, this toasted sandwich will offer a sweet start to your day. This is usually paired with a cup of coffee or tea, and sometimes complemented by a couple of soft-boiled eggs.

Important : Some Traditions That Only Locals in Kuala Lumpur Can Understand


Malaysia’s rich multiculturalism has given way to many unique features in the way people express themselves. Kuala Lumpur as the heart of the country, is the best place to witness the manifestations of this singular culture of Malaysians.

1. The eating never stops

Pasar malam, 24-hour food joints, tents occupying stretches of roads, roadside spots – the places you could go to eat anytime anywhere are endless. Serving up all kinds of food, from traditional Malay nasi lemak to Chinese dimsum to Indian dosa or the local call it tosai and modern iterations of Malaysian burgers – Malaysia has a night life like no other. It isn’t a custom to turn in for the night early; for what other time does the hard-working population have to catch up with their friends and gossip about the whole day? Over a cup of teh tarik and various options of food for supper, this is the way to go for all Malaysians regardless of job, race or religion.

2. Everything celebrated with lots of food and noise

No festival or event celebrated in Malaysia will be celebrated without food. If something is to be celebrated, it must be done in the liveliest way possible. During Ramadan or the fasting month, people from all races & religion are so excited to break fast together. During Chinese New Year, the signature fire crackers are brought out, while during Deepavali and Thaipusam the sounds of prayer bells and fireworks fill the air. Large family lunch or dinners are often held. There is also a local tradition to organise open house that literally everyone invited.

3. Speaking more than three languages in a single sentence

While it is common to find certain cultures speaking in their mother tongue to each other – it is the interactions between people of differing cultures to carefully observe. Even those who speak primarily in a single language will switch to another to get the message across more clearly. It is a common custom to pick up a few words in a language not your own, to communicate better with another person of that language.

For example, when ordering at the mamak, a local person might say, ‘Anneh, roti canai, satu, ta pau, thank you.’

Let see the multilingual breakdown, with the languages in brackets: Anneh – Brother (Tamil), satu – one (Malay), ta pau – take away (Mandarin), thank you (English).

4. Fusing traditional foods in a meal

Much like our languages, we also have a customary habit of mixing our dishes during a single meal. Imagine a spread of Malay nasi lemak (coconut rice), Indian curries and a side of Chinese noodles for lunch. Or how about some sup tulang (Malay bone broth) with putu mayam (Tamil sweet noodles) and Chinese fried oysters for supper? Feast your heart out with every cultural delicacy combination possible, at most food courts and markets or pasar malam. Do note that the pork & alcohol are not widely serve in most food courts and pasar malam as it is against the Muslim religion to consume non-halal food.


How to Travel from Kuala Lumpur to Penang

Photo Credit : Google image

You may had read some of my posting about Penang. In this posting i will share with you the details on how to travel to Penang. If you want to see a laid-back, food-loving and culturally conscious side to Malaysia, Penang will be your perfect destination.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Photo Credit : Google Images

Ever since it was listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site in 2008, visitors have been flocking to George Town. Between street art, food vendors, boutique cafés and markets, Penang is Malaysia’s trendiest place to hang out for now.

Photo credit : Google images

Why you should visit Penang

Penang is known as one of the most densely populated states in Malaysia. Want to know why it’s so popular? It’s because of the food (cheap and tasty), the street art and the trending arts and culture scene.

Photo credit : Google images

What you need to know

As long as you’re traveling in from another state in Penang (even from East Malaysia), you don’t need a visa. In fact, it is very easy to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Penang and there are a number of ways to do so.

1. Catch a budget flight

Your best bet is AirAsia(check the fare comparison with Skyscanner as well), which will cost less than RM200 (USD $50) for a return flight(from KL). A one-way trip takes only an hour. As flying from KL to Penang is considered a domestic flight, Malaysians can use their National ID card for boarding. Foreigners will need their passports.

I would recommend this route if you’re short on time and well-endowed with money.

2. Hop the ETS train

Operated by the national railway company Keretapi Tanah Melayu(KTM), the Electronic Train Service (ETS) runs a route from KL Sentral to Penang (Butterworth) five times a day. Each ride takes up to 4 hours, depending on the number of stops between KL and Penang. Tickets start from RM59 (USD $14.75).

susun atur tempat duduk
The latest business class coach

3. Ride the coach

This is the cheapest option, even if it does take up to 4.5 hours. You’ll be able to find a comfortable bus ride for under RM40 (USD $10), but if you’re up for a little luxury (extra leg room and a small meal), then i would recommend you to consider Aeroline, which charges RM60 (USD $15) per one-way trip.

Coaches typically depart from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) or for Aeroline will be at Corus Hotel and arrive in Sungai Nibong bus terminal or at Queensbay Mall(for Aeroline bus) in Penang. We recommend this option if you prefer having travel stops, as coaches will typically take a short 10 to 15 minute break.


I hope this will help you to plan your journey to Penang. Check out the link below for more tips & info about Penang.

Cheap Public Transport to Use in Penang

How to Move Around in Penang for FREE?

8 Must Visit Place in Penang



Review for Mingle Hostel Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur


If you are a solo traveller and planning for a visit to Kuala Lumpur, you may want to read this. Sharing my experience staying at one of the nicest hostel in Kuala Lumpur.

The place called Mingle Chinatown Kuala Lumpur. It is housed in a century old colonial-era building, Mingle Chinatown features a relaxing rooftop terrace, and superb location which is 3 minutes walk to train stations that connect to the international airports, the twin tower and city center.


Mingle @ Chinatown occupies the 100  year old heritage building, was formerly a social hub in the 1920s and 30s where people mingled for mahjong, drink and poem. After WWII, it became a public reading room for the local community.

Following the overall theme of Chinatown and deeply rooted stories of the building, the space is revamped by retaining the building original’s character, fitted with the furniture sourced from the building itself or salvaged from the renovation debris.

Mingle Chinatown Kuala Lumpur is only 5mins away from Merdeka MRT Station & 10mins to Plaza Rakyat LRT station! Isn’t it cool?

On  top of all the excitement, Mingle Chinatown also offer ‘wider bed’ with personal locker. They also provide various choices of accommodation for you to choose. So don’t worry, if you like travelling alone or travel as a group of friends even couple and families. You will easily fit in here.


So if you are in Kuala Lumpur, please do check out this wonderful space.

Credit to Mingle Chinatown for the hostel background.

Resepi Nasi Goreng Kampung yang Sedap dan Senang

Dalam banyak-banyak pilihan nasi goreng ni, Hafiz paling suka nasi goreng kampung. Salah satu sebab utamanya ialah bila goreng nasi goreng kampung ni boleh letak cili banyak-banyak. Lepas tu bila goreng kat umah ni, korang boleh letak sayur extra, kurang minyak dan ikut selera masing-masing.

Untuk tengok video lengkap, korang boleh klik YouTube Hafiz ok. Jangan lupa SUBSCRIBE & SHARE ok 😛

Bahan-bahan pun agak ringkas. Jom tengok…

3 sudu besar Minyak Masak(mulakan dengan menggoreng ikan bilis)
30 g Ikan Bilis
2 biji bawang merah
2 ulas bawang putih
4 tangkai cili padi (ikut tahap kepedasan masing2)
100 g Sayur Kangkung, dipotong 3cm
1 biji Telur
2 cawan nasi
Sedikit belacan

Cara Penyediaanya:

Cara menyediakan:
1. Panaskan minyak masak.
2. Gorengkan ikan bilis sehingga garing dan keemasan. Diketepikan. Kalau korang suka telur dadar, korang boleh goreng dan potong untuk dimasukkan bersama ikan bilis goreng ni nanti,
3. Dengan menggunakan minyak yang sama, tumis bawang goreng & bawang putih. Agak2 dah naik bau tu, masukkan cili padi yang diketuk2 terlebih dahulu.
4. Masukkan nasi dan gaul rata. Kemudian masukkan kangkung.
5. Bila semua dah gaul rata, masukkan ikan bilis & telur yang telah digoreng sebetar tadi.
6. Selamat mencuba…
Untuk tengok video lengkap, korang boleh klik YouTube Hafiz ok. Jangan lupa SUBSCRIBE & SHARE ok 😛

Tips-tips untuk mengelak dari tersalah pilih rakan travel

Sapa yang dah biasa travel mesti faham betapa pentingnya kena ada chemistry dengan rakan travel ni. Kadang-kadang orang yang kita rasa dah cukup kenal pun boleh buat perangai yang kadang-kadang tu sukar untuk kita jangka.

Memilih rakan travel yang tepat sangatlah penting untuk mengelakkan rancangan korang tergendala dan bermasam muka antara satu sama lain. Berdasarkan pengalaman, Hafiz kongsikan serba sedikit panduan yang mungkin boleh membantu korang.

ni lah keadaan dalam song thew ni. Rasa macam naik lori pun ada gak..hehehe

Kenali Diri Sendiri

Pertama sekali, korang harus kenal pasti ciri peribadi korang sama ada jenis dominant atau passive. Kalau korang jenis dominant tu, pastikan travel buddies korang jenis submissive. Kalau semua dominant memang huru hara lah perjalanan korang. Kalau semua submissive pun susah jugak.

Apa itu dominantDominant ini bermaksud korang jenis suka berkuasa atau mempunyai pengaruh kuat. Passive atau submissive ni bermaksud jenis yang senang ikut.

Walaubagaimanapun kalau semuanya bersikap dominant pun, korang boleh berbincang secara teliti siapa yang akan atur itinerary, tempat penginapan dan pengangkutan. Semuanya harus dirancang dengan teliti dan masing-masing perlu ada rasa sikap tolak ansur yang tinggi.

Ketahui Keadaan Kewangan Rakan-Rakan Travel

Adalah sangat penting untuk kita ambil tahu keadaan kewangan rakanrakan travel kita ni. Hafiz cadangkan korang berbincang terlebih dahulu angaran budget masing-masing. Jadi bila dah budget masing-masing ni senang nak rancang jenis penginapan & pengangkutan.

Dalam erti kata lain kalau kita ni jenis budget rendah, apakata kita travel dengan yang budget rendah jugak. Begitu jugaklah sebaliknya. Ada juga jenis yang berduit tapi sangat berkira untuk belanja membeli makan tetapi tak kisah untuk shopping.

Jadi pastikan korang kenal pasti budget masing-masing sebelum buat keputusan nak travel sama tu.

Kenali Cara atau ‘Lifestyle’ Rakan Travel

Ramai yang terlepas pandang bab ni.  Kenalpasti style travelling korang seperti fully backpacker atau jenis bawa backpack tapi stay hotel ke, bawa beg trolley tapi stay hostel ke atau jenis luxury traveler. Bila dah kenal diri, maka pilih lah travel buddies yang paling sesuai supaya tidak ada conflict masa pemilihan penginapan nanti.

Hafiz pernah travel bercampur antara luxury dan backpacker. Biasanya kalau travel secara berkumpulan ni, Hafiz akan ikut majoriti. Travel sekali tapi dok hotel atau hostel yang berbeza pun bukanlah satu masalah. Asasnya ialah buat ikut kemampuan masing-masing.  Sebenarnya, benda ini tidak jadi masalah sebenarnya asalkan semua pihak selesa dan ada sefahaman dan bukan kaki dengki dengan rakan yang lain.

Kalau korang rasa korang jenis queen atau diva yang ada cita rasa sukar nak difahami, silalah buat tempahan hotel sendiri. Bila kawan-kawan dah tolong book tu, janganlah complain itu ini tak kena. Sebab kawan yang tolong buat tempahan tu dah cuba sebaik mungkin memudahkan semua.

Beli Tiket Penerbangan

Bila nak beli tiket ni, kita kena ingat yang  tak semua orang suka naik low cost airlines dan tidak semua orang suka membazir untuk tiket mahal. Bagi conflict seperti ini, cara penyelesaianya anda boleh berpisah menaiki flight pilihan dan berjumpa di airport atau di hotel.

Tak kisah lah pilih pengangkutan atau airlines apa yang korang pilih, perlu sentiasa ingat ialah tujuan utama ialah untuk sampai ke destinasi dengan selamat.

Rancang Itinerary

Lepas dah kenal pasti keperluan travel tu, sekarang kita beralih ke bahagian penting dalam travel, iaitu itinerary. Pertama sekali, tanya travel buddies korang tu, apa dia expect atau apa outcome bila trip nanti? Ada orang suka cities, ada yang suka scenery, muzium, artsfood, culture dan macam-macam.

Dari sini korang boleh susun mana attractions yang patut skip, mana yang patut fokus supaya semua orang boleh berpuas hati. Kalau ada pendapat, nyatakan pendapat masa dalam proses tengah buat itinerary. Bukan bila dah sampai destinasi baru lah korang nak share idea korang tu.

Bab Makan


Ni antara bab yang agak kritikal jugak. Kena tanya setiap ahli, jenis yang nk jimat makan maggi sepanjang masa ke, nak kedai yang ada HALAL guarantee ke, masak sendiri ke dan lain-lain lagi lah. Ingat, tentang makanan pon boleh ada isu. Ada yang pilih berjimat dengan masak untuk breakfast dan dinner. Makan di luar untuk lunch sahaja.

Ada juga jenis ikat perut waktu lunch, dan tidak lupa juga yang memang jenis makan kat luar setiap waktu. Ada yang jenis nak save budget, ada juga yang memang tak selera nak makan makanan asing.

Jadi, kenali tabiat permakanan travel buddy korang. Ingat, nak masak juga consume masa dan tenaga. Jadi, perlu berhati-hati dan selidik dahulu travel buddies anda jenis macam mana. Benda ni nampak simple tapi kalau tak bincang betul-betul boleh bawa masalah besar.


Ini paling penting apabila melancong bersama travel buddy. Ada yang jenis bangun lambat, ada yang jenis bila shopping lupa dunia, ada yang tak tahan panas, ada yang pantang jumpa benda pelik wajib singgah dan macam-macam lagi ragam manusia.

Jadi bila travel tu sama-samalah bertimbang rasa. Kalau nak buat ikut suka hati, sila travel secara solo.

Waktu Jalan Jalan

Tujuan utama travel ni pastinya keluar jalan-jalan atau melawat attractions. Ada traveler suka keluar seawal pagi, ada yang suka keluar lambat, ada yang suka keluar awal dan balik awal, ada yang suka keluar lambat dan balik lambat dan ada juga yang keluar pagi-pagi lepas itu balik rehat, refresh dan keluar balik pada belah malamnya.

Benda nampak kecil, tapi bab ni pun kadang-kadang boleh bawa kepada masam muka. Tanyalah pendapat kawan-kawan. Kalau badan rasa penat, baliklah hotel atau korang pergi lah berehat sendiri. Janganlah sebab korang penat, tunjuk masam muka tu kat kawan-kawan yang lain. Bertimbang rasalah.


Bila nak travel ni, tolong kaji dahulu ground transport tempat yang korang nak pergi tu. Accessible by public transport ke, senang dapat e-hailing car ke, senang dapat teksi ke atau boleh jalan kaki sahaja nak visit attractions.

Jadi, dari sini boleh berbincang method of transportation korang. Ada yang suka jalan kaki sahaja, ada yang suka naik pengangkutan awam dan ada yang suka naik teksi. . Apa-apa pun, tepuk poket, tanya bajet masing-masing.


Semua-semua yang ada diatas ni tersangatlah subjektif dan Hafiz akui sangat sukar untuk kita kenal pasti rakan travel yang tepat selagi belum travel sama-sama. Hafiz harap perkongsian ni sedikit sebanyak dapat bantu korang bila nak travel nanti.

Sebagai manusia ni kita tak sempurna. Jadi kita kenalah beringat untuk selalu bertolak ansur. Ringan-ringankan mulut untuk berterima kasih dan meminta maaf sepanjang perjalanan kita tu. Selamat bercuti 🙂