Best Street Market di Bangkok


Dalam posting ni Hafiz nak share best street market yang korang boleh pergi bila di Bangkok. Di buka setiap hari berkerja dari Isnin hingga Jumaat. Ditutup Sabtu, Ahad & cuti umum.

Nama pasar ni ialah La Lai Sap Market Silom Soi 5. Pasar ni terletak di antara bangunan pejabat & hotel di Silom Road & Naradhiwas Road. Stesen BTS terdekat dengan pasar ini ialah Chong Nonsi. Cari exit BTS yang menuju ke Hotel I residence atau Heritage hotel. Turun disitu dan jalan ke arah Silom Road. Kalau confuse, tanya je orang sekelining tu yang korang nak ke La Lai Sap Market.






Memang best cuci mata kat sini. Ada pelbagai jenis makanan yang menjadi pilihan orang tempatan. Harga pun jau lebih murah. Cuma tak banyak pilihan makanan yang Halal disini. Tapi semakin hari semakin bertambah peniaga beragama Islam disini. Jadi korang tengok2 lah sendiri bila di sana nanti ok.


What to do in Bangkok?


Bangkok! It is known in Thai as Khrung Thep Maha Nakhon. The population of the city is 8 million or 12.6% of the country population. Bang is a Thai word meaning “a village situated on a stream”, and the name may have been derived from Bang Ko. While ko is an “island”, a reference to the area’s landscape which was carved by rivers and canals.
This is a city that attract millions of people everyday. I personally had visited this city for more tan 10 times and must say that this is a great place for everyone.
Let me share with you some of the things that you can plan or do while in Bangkok..
Where to stay :
Try to search hotel within 10 mins walking distance from BTS. Asoke BTS is good as u do have option for SkyTrain or the MRT. Nana BTS, Siam BTS or Saladaeng BTS is pretty good as well.
Chao Phraya River :
Stop at BTS Saphan Thaksin. Take the boat and enjoy the ride to places I listed below.
Khao San Road :
Take the BTS Skytrain to Sathorn/Central Pier (Saphan Taksin Station – change at Siam Station), then take the Chao Phraya Express boat to Phra Athit – pier 13 – then walk.
Grand Palace
Grand Palace & Wat Pho :
BTS to Saphan Taksin station. Go down under the bridge to Central Pier and take the Chao Phraya express boat coming from your left, and get off at Ta Chang pier. (pier N9).
Do not buy a ticket at the desk, and do not buy a 150 baht ticket for the tourist boat. Get on the Chao Phraya Express Boat coming from your left. Take a boat with no flag, an orange flag, or a green flag. You pay the fare on board to the ticket seller, tell her “Tha Chang” (pier N9).
Get off at Tha Chang (pier N9), and walk out from the pier area until you see a high white wall. Follow it to the left and then around to the right, so that Sanam Luang (a large open green space) is on your left and the palace wall is on your right. Walk about 200 meters until you get to the main entrance.
Wat Pho is right behind the Grand Palace, so you will need to go back out the way you came in, and go around the block to enter Wat Pho.
Asiatique :
Take BTS to Saphan Taksin. Same station as Khao San & Grand Palace. But for this u have to walk to the further most, left hand side pier to catch it. You won’t mistake it, it’s the one emblazoned with the Asiatique Logo.
Floating Market :
Damnoeng Saduak (optional as a bit far from the city. Will take u about 1 hour. Very touristy.
Ayuthaya(Ancient capital of Thailand) :
Optional. A bit far from Bangkok. About 1 hour from the city. Very touristy.
Historical Ayuthaya
New Road Fai Market :
You can get Halal street food here. Kena cari sket lah. Take MRT and stop at Thailand Cultural Ctr. Go out From Exit no 3. The place is behind a mall call The Esplanade
Shopping mall :
Terminal 21 (Asoke BTS), Central Embassy(Phloen Chit BTS), Em Quartier(Phrom Phong BTS) & Siam Paragon(Siam BTS).
Cheap Shopping :
Chatuchak(Mo Chit BTS), Platinum (Chid Lom BTS, but this is a bit far from station… but worth for your money to spend)
Food :
Suppaniga Eating Room Sathorn 10.(not halal)
Sara Restaurant, Nuovo City Hotel (Halal)
Yana Restaurant, Level 5, Near the international food court(National Stadium BTS)
Fine Dine : check out this web. Lots of idea on how u want to enjoy bkk.
Cafe :
Stay tune on the next for more posting… and tips to save your money while in Bangkok.

Hostel vs Hotel : Which one is Best for you?


What are the biggest differences between hostels and hotels? Unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated than taking away that “s.” There are a few important differences between hostels and hotels to consider when planning your trip. In this posting, i will help you pinpoint key concerns and help you decide which option is best for you.

Hostels vs. Hotels
Here are five factors for you to consider when deciding what kind of lodging is right for your next trip.
1. Privacy
One of the major differences between hostels and hotels is shared rooms. Yes, you are sharing with strangers. This means that you are not only sharing your sleeping space but you are also sharing bathrooms. Having said that, before you write off the hostel option due to privacy concerns, however, check for hostels that offer private rooms and bathrooms. Most of the time they are much cheaper than a normal hotel rates. If privacy is an important part of your trip, a hotel will be a better choice for you. But sharing a room with strangers is not bad at all. After all, your roommates are travellers just like you. They may have helpful tips or entertaining stories to share. If your goal is to meet new people, a hostel will make a great option.
2. Security
Sharing a room with strangers does, of course, come with risks. Some hostels provide safety measures like a lockable cage that slides under your bed, but they don’t always offer locks. If you are travelling with valuables that you want to leave in your room, always pack a sturdy lock. Some hostel do provide safe room or dedicated room to store your valuables.
Most hotels, on the other hand, provide a locked private room and a safe. Some hotels also offer a front-desk safe deposit box for precious items.
3. Price
In general, a room that you have to share will cost less than a private room. But there are more factors that go into pricing accommodations.
A hostel right in the city centre, for instance, might be more expensive than a hotel far from the city centre. Don’t assume that just because it’s a hostel it’s your cheapest option. Always make sure to do your research and explore your options for your particular dates.
4. Amenities
Some of the things you may take for granted in a hotel. Items like iron or hair dryer, are the kinds of things you may have trouble finding in a hostel. You may not have the luxury watching your favourite TV show as you may need to share with other guest. If amenities are important, a hotel will likely be your best bet. But to be fair, nowadays most hostel provide all of these facilities in the common areas it just you need to share with other guest as well. Common areas with shared amenities create a social environment that’s at the heart of the hostel experience.
5. Location
One of the largest differences between hostels and hotels is accessibility. Hostels are abundant in most major cities, particularly throughout Europe, but are less common in smaller towns and off-the-beaten-path locations. However, sites like Hostelworld and make it easier than ever to do a quick check to find out if there’s an affordable and appealing hostel option in your destination.

Senarai Buffet Ramadan 2018

Buffet Ramadhan! Semakin hari semakin ramai yang mendapat kesedaran untuk tidak membazir di Bulan Ramadan ni. Cuma kadang2 kita memilih untuk berbuka diluar atau hotel pilihan atas dasar untuk bersama dengan rakan-rakan. Disini Hafiz senaraikan hotel, harga dan contact no untuk korang buat tempahan.

  1. Concorde KL : RM148nett : +603-21442200
  2. Mandarin Oriental Hotel KL : RM188 : +603-21798881
  3. Royal Chulan  Bukit Bintang Hotel : RM98nett : +603-21479898
  4. Hotel Istana KL : RM155nett : +603-21419988
  5. Sime Darby Conv Ctr : RM99 : +603-20893799
  6. Seri Pacific Hotel KL : RM98 : +603-40494351
  7. Coffee House, Sunway Putra KL : RM128 : +603-40409888
  8. KL Tower : RM128 : +603-20205444
  9. Paya Serai Hilton PJ : RM189 : +603-79559122
  10. Aloft KL Sentral : RM138nett : +603-27231188
  11. Vasco’s Hilton KL : RM188nett : +603-22642264

Ni sebahagian yang Hafiz ada info. Nanti kalau ada lagi Hafiz update korang ya.


Tips Makanan Halal di Bangkok

Bangkok. Semakin hari menjadi destinasi paling popular dikalangan orang Malaysia. Jadi Hafiz ingin berkongsi tips mencari makanan halal di Bangkok dalam posting kali ni.

Hafiz rasa tak perlulah diperincikan definasi makanan halal itu sebab Hafiz yakin korang diluar sana lebih ‘expert’ bab halal ni kan. Rasanya tak lah susah nak dapatkan makanan yang Halal di Bangkok sekarang. Setelah beberapa kali ke Bangkok, ramai yang tanya pasal makanan halal ni. So untuk posting ni Hafiz akan senaraikan tempat yang sesuai korang pergi ok.

Chatuchak Market 

Ni antara destinasi wajib kalau orang ke Bangkok. Memang best shopping disini. Dah penat shopping tu boleh terus g makan kat situ jer. Cari Clock Tower. Di sekitar situ terdapat kedai-kedai yang menjual makanan halal. Yang paling famous ialah Saman Islam. Harga makanan yang dijual disitu bermula dari 50baht. Chatuchak ni dibuka Sabtu – Ahad sahaja.

Clock Tower yang terdapat di Chatuchak Market

Yana Restaurant, MBK Shopping Centre

Untuk sampai kesini, korang perlu menaiki BTS Skytrain dan turun di station National Stadium. Terus ke tingkat 5. Cari ‘international food court’. Korang boleh dapat pelbagai pilihan makanan halal disitu. Berdepan dengan food court ni korang akan nampak Yana Restaurant. Antara pilihan saya jika kesini kerana rasa dia lagi sedap dari makanan di food court tu..hehehe harga makanan disini bermula dari 100Baht ke atas. Agak mahal, tapi makanan disini dijamin halal & rasa pun sedap.

Sara Restaurant, Nuovo City Hotel

Restaurant ni terletak di Nuovo City Hotel. Hotel ni terletak di Samsen Soi 2, Khaosan Road. Satu-satunya hotel yang patuh syariah di tgh Bangkok ni. Anda boleh makan tanpa was was disini. Staf2 dia pun majoriti muslim. Hafiz tak pernah stay kat hotel ni tapi setiap kali ke Bangkok mesti ke Sara Restaurant ni. Padthai & Tomyam dia memang terbaik. Harga lebih kurang macam di Yana Restaurant juga. Sejak ada GRAB ni, tak susah pun nak ke lokasi ni. Anda cuma perlu letakkan nama Nuovo City Hotel tu je.

Pad Thai
Tom yam
tak igt apa nama menu ni..hehhe

EaThai Food Court, Central Embassy

Seperti food court yang lain di Bangkok, memang susah nak cari makanan yang halal. Tapi di sini korang boleh jumpa satu stall yang sediakan makanan halal. Suasana food court ni pun sangat bersih dan tak terlalu ramai. Harga pun lebih kurang macam Yana & Sara Restaurant.


Ratchada Train Market, Bangkok

Ni satu lagi tempat korang boleh dapatkan makanan street food yang halal. Biasanya penjual muslim ni akan letak logo Halal kt kedai dia dan kebykkan dari peniaga muslimah ni bertudung. Ada macam2 yang boleh korang cuba. Harga bermula dari serendah 10baht. Untuk ke sini, korang kena naik MRT, turun di stesen National Cultural Centre. Market ni terletak di belakang Esplanade Shopping Mall.

Seafood Tom Yum Noodle, 100Baht
Satay Ayam Thai style ni, 10Baht
Thai Dessert


Sebenarnya kat Bangkok ni dah banyak street food yang halal. Tak susah. Cuma kena mencari sikit lah. Oklah sampai sini dulu perkongsian Hafiz. Nanti ada masa Hafiz tambah lagi info2 yang berkaitan ya.