How to Travel from Kuala Lumpur to Penang

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You may had read some of my posting about Penang. In this posting i will share with you the details on how to travel to Penang. If you want to see a laid-back, food-loving and culturally conscious side to Malaysia, Penang will be your perfect destination.
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Ever since it was listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site in 2008, visitors have been flocking to George Town. Between street art, food vendors, boutique cafés and markets, Penang is Malaysia’s trendiest place to hang out for now.

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Why you should visit Penang

Penang is known as one of the most densely populated states in Malaysia. Want to know why it’s so popular? It’s because of the food (cheap and tasty), the street art and the trending arts and culture scene.

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What you need to know

As long as you’re traveling in from another state in Penang (even from East Malaysia), you don’t need a visa. In fact, it is very easy to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Penang and there are a number of ways to do so.

1. Catch a budget flight

Your best bet is AirAsia(check the fare comparison with Skyscanner as well), which will cost less than RM200 (USD $50) for a return flight(from KL). A one-way trip takes only an hour. As flying from KL to Penang is considered a domestic flight, Malaysians can use their National ID card for boarding. Foreigners will need their passports.

I would recommend this route if you’re short on time and well-endowed with money.

2. Hop the ETS train

Operated by the national railway company Keretapi Tanah Melayu(KTM), the Electronic Train Service (ETS) runs a route from KL Sentral to Penang (Butterworth) five times a day. Each ride takes up to 4 hours, depending on the number of stops between KL and Penang. Tickets start from RM59 (USD $14.75).

susun atur tempat duduk
The latest business class coach

3. Ride the coach

This is the cheapest option, even if it does take up to 4.5 hours. You’ll be able to find a comfortable bus ride for under RM40 (USD $10), but if you’re up for a little luxury (extra leg room and a small meal), then i would recommend you to consider Aeroline, which charges RM60 (USD $15) per one-way trip.

Coaches typically depart from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) or for Aeroline will be at Corus Hotel and arrive in Sungai Nibong bus terminal or at Queensbay Mall(for Aeroline bus) in Penang. We recommend this option if you prefer having travel stops, as coaches will typically take a short 10 to 15 minute break.


I hope this will help you to plan your journey to Penang. Check out the link below for more tips & info about Penang.

Cheap Public Transport to Use in Penang

How to Move Around in Penang for FREE?

8 Must Visit Place in Penang



7 Best Cafes in Penang

Thinking of spending the weekend in Penang soon? Its becoming more cafes in Penang to hunt to feed your tummy and Instagram feed. Penang might be small but there are hidden gems in every corner that might be a little tricky to find. But ill try my best to share with you some of the best & unique cafe for you to explore.

Here are the top 10 cafes that am going to recommend to you:

1. China House

China House is one of the oldest and most visited cafes in Penang. Combination of cafes, restaurants, library, shops and bakery. China House is an all-in-one building that’s perfect for everyone, with art, music, food and drinks. They serve up to 50 different cakes daily and from morning to midnight.

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Address: 153 & 155, Lebuh Pantai and 183B, Lebuh Victoria, Penang, Malaysia
Operating Hour: 9 a.m.- 1 a.m. (Daily)

2. Kim Haus

Kim Haus is a revamped goldsmith turned into cafe and bar. This place offers a unique dining experience which revolves around Western and the bar offers a variety of alcohols. There is also small in-house bakery that is located at the corner which serves fresh bakes on a daily basis, where everything is made from scratch. Kim Haus also serves as a platform for performers from all over the world and live performances would be held every night.

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Address: No. 9 & 11 Campbell Street, Penang, Malaysia.
Operating Hour: 8 a.m.-12 a.m. (Daily)

3. Norm Cafe @ Saw Emporium

Norm is a minimal, latest addition to the cafe around the area. Located in the corner of Saw Emporium with a unique twist. They serve two menus, “norm” and “noct”. “Norm” is served during the day, with a selection of speciality coffee, teas, cocktails, waffles and tiramisu. After sunset, “noct” is served, where alcohol is infused in every item in the menu.

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Address: The Saw Emporium, 1, Gat Lebuh Macallum, 10300 George Town, Penang.
Operating Hour: 9 a.m.-12 a.m. (Daily)

4. Kraffmen

Located along Jalan Zainul Abidin, off Macalister Road, the cafe is like an oasis in the middle of the town, offering some of the best Australian-influenced brunch items. The menu is somewhat exciting and unusual in a good way.  The interior space is covered in shades of grey and white, seemingly a lofty space to chill. But the focus should be on the reliably good food, on par with some of the better cafes in town.

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Address: 80, Jalan Zainul Abidin, George Town, Malaysia.
Operating Hour: 8 a.m.-10 p.m. (Closed on Wednesday)

5. Pin Xin Vegan Cuisine

Pin Xin stands out of the crowd by serving healthy, cruelty-free and of course, vegan Penang street food such as asam laksa, nasi lemak, hokkien mee that is as good as those on the streets and in this case some of them are better. Price tags can be a little steep but given the fact that vegan food requires a lot of effort and innovation, it is justifiable.

Pinxin Vegan Cuisine (12).JPG
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Address: 38, Lebuh Tye Sin, George Town, Malaysia.
Operation Hour: 7.30 a.m.-10 p.m. (Daily)

6. Gudang Cafe

Gudang Cafe is like a walk down the memory lane warehouse-themed cafe, where wooden elements are heavily used, giving an old-fashioned vibe. Located at the popular Armenian street, their Japanese inspired menu might be simple but definitely affordable. This cafe is really spacious. A perfect location to spend time with your friends.

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Address: 5 Gat Lebuh Armenian, Penang, Malaysia.
Operating Hour: (Mon- Thurs&Sun) 11 a.m.-11 p.m.
(Fri&Sat) 10 a.m.-1 a.m. (Closed on Tuesday)

7. Lavish Fusion Bakery

Lavish Fusion Bakery located right next to Container Hotel. This white-themed cafe is beautifully decorated with flowers and plants, which makes every corner insta-worthy. Lavish serves one of the most presentable cronuts and milkshakes, as well as Western-Fusion menu that pleases the eyes and stomach. Walk towards the end of the cafe and you’ll be greeted with surprise, they have added Minilicious corner at the back alley, serving ice-cream croissant and lava cube on-the-go.

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Address: 214, Lebuh Victoria, George Town, Malaysia.
Operating Hour: (Mon-Thurs)10 a.m. – 11: 30 p.m., (Fri) 10 a.m.-12 a.m.
(Sat) 9 a.m.-12 a.m., (Sun) 9 a.m.-11:30 p.m.

So if you are in Penang, don’t forget to check out this Cafe. Share with us if you have some recommendation to your favorite cafes in Penang.

Cheap Public Transport to Use in Penang

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There are plenty of convenient, reliable, and affordable forms of public transportation in Penang, including buses, taxis, ferries, and a funicular.

Penang Buses

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You can buy tickets to the Penang Hop on Hop off Bus for 24- or 48-hour durations. Buses run about every 30 minutes. These buses a great way to see Penang, and they offer discounts for students.


Rapid Penang runs air-conditioned coach service all over the island. This is the cheapest way to travel around Penang, but it often involves a long wait.

The city of Penang offers free shuttle service to historical sites. Shuttles run in a loop and you can hop on or off at any of the shuttles stops.

Penang Ferries

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A fleet of eight ferries links Georgetown to Penang Island and to Butterworth on the mainland. The first ferry departs from Butterworth at 6:00 a.m., with the last one leaving at midnight. Departures from Penang Island start at 5:30 a.m. The ferry can carry both pedestrians and cars.

Penang Taxi/Grab

Taxis are convenient, but can be troublesome. Drivers ignore the meter and charge what they want, even though the law prohibits it. It works out better to flag one on the street and negotiate the price in advance. Always ask the price before getting in, and unless you’re sure it’s fair, try to bargain it down.

Alternatively for now, i would recommend you to use Grab instead of Taxi services.

Penang Funicular

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The Swiss-made funicular (tram) takes about a half hour to climb Penang Hill. It’s a slow-but-fun ride that reveals vegetable farms and colonial homes along the way.

Hope this give you some ideas to plan your trip soon.. 🙂


How to Move Around in Penang for FREE?


If you are looking how to move around in Penang for FREE, let me show how you can do this. There is FREE CAT Bus or in a simple word its a free shuttle bus. Central Area Transit (or called as CAT) is a free shuttle service that picks you up from the Weld Quay Bus Terminal, travels along major streets in George Town and drops you off at designated bus stops that are walking distance to major attractions.

Let’s check out this shuttle bus adventure in George Town:

Station 1: Pengkalan Weld
This is where the George Town’s main bus terminal is located and this marks the first stop of the CAT route. For a view of Swettenham Pier and Chulia Street Pier, try to get a seat on the left side of the bus.

Station 2: Feri
The journey to Station 2 is a quick one and if you’re interested to snap photographs of Wisma Yeap Chor Ee and Wisma Kastam. These buildings are located 7 to 10-minutes’ walk from Station 1.

Station 3: Little India*
Little India becomes a lot more vibrant when it hits noon. Hop off if you’re planning to shop for spices and sarees. Other nearby attractions include Pinang Peranakan MansionChung Keng Kwee Ancestral Temple and a vintage-looking OCBC building.
*No stops made at bus stop no.3 every Sunday from 7.00am – 1.00pm.

Station 4: Imigresen
Banks, commercial buildings and administrative offices reside within the British colonial buildings. Station 4 is located at the end of Lebuh Pantai, where the police station is, so hop off and admire these buildings up close. There’s also a good lunch spot at the nearby Sri Weld Food Court.

Station 5: Bank Negara

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If you’re in a hurry to visit the City HallTown HallFort Cornwallis and War Memorial, hop off here. Or wait for the bus to complete its round till Station 17 where these attractions are situated nearby.

Station 6: Muzium*
History lovers, here’s your stop. Within walking distance from Station 6 are St. George’s Church (closer at Station 16), Church of AssumptionConvent Light StreetCourt Buildings and St. Xavier’s Institution.
*Penang State Museum is closed for 3 years from 2017. 

Station 7: Lebuh Muntri
If you enjoy a great amount of strolling, stop by at Station 7 for attractions like St. Francis Xavier’s Church and Cheong Fatt Tze – The Blue Mansion. You could visit an age-old Christian Cemetery nearby too.

Station 8: Lebuh Campbell
If your main incentive in Penang is to cover the religious and shopping aspects of this town, this station is within walking distance from Benggali Mosque and Chowrasta Market (closer at Station 12).

Station 9: KOMTAR 


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KOMTAR also provides buses to off-route journeys such as Batu Ferringhi, Bayan Lepas, Balik Pulau and more. KOMTAR currently serves as an administrative office for the Penang State Government and houses an ICT Digital Mall where affordable gadgets and tech goods are sold. For more shopping, take KOMTAR’s link bridge to Prangin Mall and 1st Avenue Mall.

Station 11: Jalan Kedah*
Durian and cheesecake lovers must hop-off here! As you get off, carry-on walking straight down the road and make a stop at Moody Cow Café. Famous for cheesecakes with a smorgasbord of quirky flavours, their durian cheesecake is a definite must-try; and for the adventurous, their salted egg and century egg cheesecakes are perfect choices!
*No stops made at bus stop no.10.

Station 12: Jalan Chowrasta
For nutmegs, tau sar peah and fresh pickles, Station 12 is located right at the entrance of Chowrasta Market. There are also a couple of second-hand bookshops located on the first floor of the market that is filled with biographies, paperback novels and even, old comics. Don’t forget to set aside 15 minutes for a bowl of cendol at Penang Famous Teochew Chendul on Lebuh Keng Kwee, off Jalan Penang.

Station 13: Komtar Timur
If you change your mind, here’s your last chance to hop off at Prangin Mall. The nearby attraction includes Masjid Pintal Tali.

Station 14: Lebuh Carnarvon
While Penang Islamic Museum is under renovation, trace the history of Sun Yat Sen at his Penang base and then, take a stroll down to the Campbell Street Market.

Station 15: Kampung Kolam
The station is surrounded by Acheen Street MosqueMasjid Kapitan KelingYap KongsiKhoo KongsiCheah Kongsi and Lim Kongsi, collectively known as ‘Street of Harmony’. If you’re up for a hefty dinner, Nasi Kandar Beratur, situated next to Masjid Kapitan Keling, promises a feast for the senses.

Station 16: Mahkamah
The shuttle stops in front of St. George’s Church and close to other places of worship such as the Goddess of Mercy Temple and Sri Maha Mariamman Temple.

Station 17: Dewan Sri Pinang
If you prefer to be dropped off at the entrance of Dewan Sri Pinang, alight here. You can also catch up on earlier attractions (reachable from Station 6) such as City HallTown HallCourt BuildingsWar Memorial and Logan Memorial.

Station 18: Kota Cornwallis
For a peek at our historical fort, the Fort Cornwallis, here is where you should be. You can also catch a glimpse of Queen Victoria’s Memorial Clock Tower from your current stop.

Station 19: Lebuh Downing
This is your last stop before the bus heads back to the Weld Quay Bus Terminal. Do a final catch-up of the colonial architecture of the old Standard Chartered Building, Islamic Council Building and HSBC Building.

The frequency of buses at Weld Quay Bus Terminal and other bus stops are within 15-20 minutes.

For more information, visit

This shuttle service operates from 6.00am – 11.40pm.

7 Free Things to do in Penang


Can i visit Penang on a tight budget? Yes you can. Perhaps in this posting i will share what you can see and do all the free things in Penang..

Simple tips to travel cheap in Penang, eat cheap at the markets and you jump on the free bus. Getting a good look at Penang – on the cheap – is simple because most of Penang’s temptations are free! Yes free! For instance, the street art, a major drawcard for Georgetown, is free. The stunning national park and turtle sanctuary, is free. Furthermore, those that are not free are cheap. The food in Penang, also a leading attraction, doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it is the hawker food which attracts all the foodies around the world to Penang to taste her delights!

Let’s check out my list of 8 things to see and do in Penang for free…

1. Penang Street Art

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The street art, a relatively new addition to Penang, has become a major tourist draw card.  There are many street art trails to follow including the wall murals by Ernest Zacharevic and “Marking Georgetown” a series of metal sculptures which narrate Penang’s colourful history with humorous illustration and historical facts.

2. Taman Negara Pulau Pinang

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Taman Negara Pulau Pinang is known as the world’s smallest national park… Yes i repeat, the smallest national park in the world. But believe me, size doesn’t matter in this case! This park has a turtle sanctuary, the Meromictic Lake (where fresh and salt water don’t mix), a nice swimming beach, two main hiking tracks through rainforest to Penang’s most pristine beaches, plenty of free camping grounds and lots, lots more.

Cost – Admission free
Hours – Open daily 08:00 – 17:00
Food – No food available inside the reserve.
Don’t forget – good walking shoes, a picnic lunch, plenty of water, sunscreen, hat and swimsuit

Penang Turtle Sanctuary 
Cost – Admission FWalk ree
Hours – Open daily from 10:00 to 16:30 (closed for lunch between 13:00 & 14:00)

3. Walk to the Top of Penang Hill

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The shortest track is the jeep track, a 5km road which starts just outside the entrance to the Penang Botanical Gardens. Being the shortest route, it is also the steepest. Note: jeeps, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians shared this road.

There is also a trail that follows the course of the funicular train from Air Itam. Called The Heritage Trail, it consists predominately of concrete steps.

Also from the Penang Botanical Gardens, there is a walk that leads up to Penang Hill from the Moon Gate. It is a steep but pleasurable trek with ample wildlife to see, Macaques, dusky leaf monkeys, giant black squirrels and a multitude of insects and butterflies. DO NOT FEED the animals – a RM500 fine is applicable.

For those not wanting to walk and willing to spend your money to experience the top of Penang Hill, there is always the funicular train. It leaves from Air Itam.

Funicular Train

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Cost – For foreign visitors RM30/Adult and RM15/Child (AUD $10.00 or USD $7.20/ Adult)
Hours – Open daily from 06.30 to 23:00 (last train from top station). Ticketing counter closes at 22:00
Departure times – departure times vary depending on the time of day (see below).

Penang Hill Funicular Railway Timetable





4. Explore Georgetown

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Experience the diversity of Penang’s history as you explore the streets that still clearly illustrate the origins of this culturally diverse place.

Armenian Street
Armenian Street is a delight to explore. This street has street art, Chinese lanterns, trishaws, arts, crafts, and souvenir shops and cafes. If you don’t have a long time in Penang this is the place to go to see the art and experience old Georgetown.

Cannon Street
A lot of us will agree that this street described as quirky, off-beat, quaint and artsy. It has many good cafes, small restaurants, art shops and antique shops.

Little India
Little India is full of ‘Bollywood’ music, colourful saris and the aroma of sandalwood incense and pungent curries. I would recommend you to have your lunch in one of the shop here.

Chulia Street
An eclectic array of Colonial, Indian and Chinese style buildings, this street could be considered the main hub for tourist. Chulia Street has lots of accommodation, cheap street food as well as typical western establishments, local boutiques, car and motorcycle /bicycle rental.

5. Penang Botanical Garden

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The botanical gardens provides a lovely place for a walk, a picnic or an early morning jog. You can easily spend a couple of hours here wandering through the varieties of flora collections or watching the antics of the cheeky monkeys.  TYou can also find the Palm Collection, Pine Collection, Herb Garden, Fern Rockery, Cactus House and the Formal Garden. Furthermore, it is home to long-tailed macaques, the dusky leaf monkeys, and black giant squirrels, as well as many birds, butterflies and insects. 

Cost – Admission free
Hours – Open daily from 05:00 to 20:00 (including public holidays)
Food & Beverage – Available from the Botanical Shop
Facilities –  Picnic area, access for disabled person, jogging track, gazebo
Amenities – Public toilets
Address – 673A, Jalan Kebun Bunga, Pulau Tikus, 10350 George Town

6. Clan Jetties

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These water villages, are over 100 years old. There are six jetties to explore, each named and dominated by a certain clan. Go for a wander along the wooden boardwalks and explore this living heritage of Penang. Chew Jetty is the most touristy and it is insta worthy place for you to visit.

Cost – free to walk along the Jetties.
Location – Weld Quay, Georgetown
Please remember – These are peoples homes – be respectful when taking photos.

7. New Gurney Drive Food Court

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Finally this is not really free if you buy something to eat, but seriously some of this food is really cheap.  It is worth a visit just to experience a typical night market! It is the place for hawker fare with many stalls selling a huge variety of hawker delights at very reasonable prices…

Cost – Free to visit!… and food is cheap but not free :p!
Hours – Open daily from 18:00 to 24:00
Location – Persiaran Gurney, George Town (right beside Gurney Plaza Mall)

So if you are planning to visit Penang with a tight budget, trust me you will still able to enjoy it to the most. I will share in the next posting how to move around in Penang for FREE.


7 Best Museum in Penang

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Penang is the best place for you to travel around with family, friends or even as a solo travellers.  Penang Museum is one of the many attractions that must be in your list. You maybe overwhelmed by the number of museums in Penang. Let me help you in the direction of Georgetown’s finest museums, galleries and what they have to offer.

Let’s check out the best things to do when you visit.

1. Wonderfood Museum, Penang

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photo credit : wonderfood museum

Wonderfood Museum is a great place to learn about Penang Food. There are penty displays of Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisines and scenes depicting everyday life of Malaysian related to food. The displays look very realistic. There are also many places for you to take cute and funny photos, and the staffs are willing to help you.

Entrance Fee:
Adults: RM25 (MyKad holders RM15)
Children: RM15 (MyKid holders RM10)

Visiting Hours:
Mondays – Sundays & Public Holidays: 9:00am to 6:00pm

2. Ghost Museum, Penang

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Ghost Museum displayed variety of ghost from all ethnics. From Malay, Chinese, Egypt, Pirate, Western Vampire and Japan. You will understand the history and lesson of all these ghost after the visit here. In addition to this, you can try on some of the costumes available and take cool pictures with the props as well.

Entrance Fee:
Adults: RM36 (MyKad holders RM18)
Children: RM16 (MyKid holders RM8)
Student: RM 16 (MyKad holders RM10)
Senior Citizens: RM 16 (MyKad holders RM 8)

Visiting Hours:
Mondays – Fridays: 10:00am – 7:00pm
Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays: 10:00am – 9:00pm

Address: 57, Lebuh Melayu, George Town, 10300 George Town, Penang, Malaysia

3. Upside Down Museum

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Upside Down Museum is an interactive museum located at Kimberly Street in Penang. The place is well organised. All visitors gets to experience each room and have their photos taken without hordes of other people in the same room. There are friendly and helpful staff in every room who take the photos for you using your own device. Having the staff to take capture the moment is a plus point as they tell you how to pose with the various furniture/fittings to get the best out of the shots plus it helps keeps everyone moving along from room to room so there are no holdups. A great fun place for all ages.

Entrance Fee
Adults: RM27 (MyKad holders RM16)
Children (aged 5-12): RM16 (MyKid holders RM8)
Malaysian Students with Student ID: RM11
Non-Malaysian Students with Student ID: RM16

4. 3D Trick Art Museum

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They have an array of 3D art, while you take a look at it, it just a normal art paint on the wall, once shoot it with your camera, you’ll find the magic. Not just that, the friendly staff will assist you for taking the picture and guide you to get best pose to make your photo lively.

Entrance Fee:
Adults: RM25 (MyKad holders RM15)
Children: RM15 (MyKid holders RM10)
Malaysian Students with Student ID: RM10
Non-Malaysian Students with Student ID: RM15
Senior Citizens: RM 15 (MyKad holders RM10)

5. Penang Peranakan Museum

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The heritage mansion offers a glimpse of the Baba Nyonya opulent lifestyle and their various customs and traditions. The architecture was unparalleled and the antique collection was amazing. Do get a guide as they will explain to you in details the history  about the History of The Unique Penang Peranakan.

Entrance Fee:
Adults: RM20
Children: RM10 (Free for children below 6)

6. Camera Museum

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The Camera Museum has a wide assortment of cameras from models of the early cameras to more recent ones that teaches you interesting things. If you’re interested in photography it is sure to be a worthwhile place to visit.

Entrance Fee:
Adults: RM20
Children: RM10
Seniors Citizens: RM10

Visiting Hours: Mondays – Sundays & Public Holidays: 9:30am – 6:30pm

Address: 49, Jalan Muntri, George Town, 10200 George Town, Penang

7. Penang War Museum

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Penang War Museum was a fort built by British in 1930s. Located in Batu Maung, this Penang museum was opened to public in 2002 and was the largest war museum in South East Asia.

This museum was restored as a memorial back from its dark days. In this museum, there are plenty of war artifacts. Besides weapons like cannons, you can also go to underground military tunnels and ammunition bunkers which are located nine metres underground.

Some of these tunnels lead all the way to the sea as they once served as access routes to submarines. Navigating through these passageways sometimes forces one to walk or even crawl through very narrow, confined spaces. If you are really interest in history, you should visit this place and learn about what happened in the other side of WORLD WAR II.

Entrance Fee:
Adults: RM30 (MyKad holders RM15)
Children 5-12 years old: RM15 (MyKid holders RM7.50)

Visiting Hours:
Mondays – Fridays: 9:00am – 6:00pm

Address: Lot 1350, Mukim 12, Daerah Barat Daya, Batu Maung, 11960 Penang.

This is just my personal opinion for some of the list of museum that you can try to check out while you in Penang. 552

8 Must Visit Place in Penang

Penang. The pearl of the orient. Penang is divded in two parts. The Island and the mainland. In this posting, i will share what the island can offer you. From beaches, sparkling waters, and a laid back island feel coupled with a big city experience. Penang is also known for its food and anyone who loves to eat will truly find a culinary paradise here, much of which is down to the mix of influences in the city.

Penang enjoys a large Chinese, Malay & Indian community. So it is not a surprised for you to find a fantastic and diverse food scene that includes fiery curries, toothsome noodles, and a plethora of street food delights. All of this is encircled by gorgeous architecture and the traditional center.

Penang’s capital, Georgetown, has been accorded a listing as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. This means that you can explore pretty ancient buildings as well as museums, forts, gardens and temples. Visitors to Penang will certainly not be short of places to visit and sights to check out on a trip here.

Let’s check out the best place to visit in Penang:

1. Fort Cornwallis

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If you are in Penang for the first time, this is a must place to visit. Fort Cornwallis is one of the most famous sights in Penang and dates from the 18th century. It was built by the British East India Company under the direction of Sir Francis Light who was the founder of Penang and was designed to defend the city in case of an attack from the water.

The fort is still in good condition and from time to time you can see the maintenance work is progress.

2. Kek Lok Si Temple

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Kek Lok Si Temple is famed for being one of the largest Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia and as such you should make sure not to miss it if you are travelling to Penang.

Many Buddhist devotees consider this to be an important pilgrimage site and you can spot the beautiful towering Kek Lok Si Pagoda as well as the statue of Guanyin.

The statue is constructed in the shape of the Goddess of Mercy and stands at a height of 36.5 meters and the entire temple complex is built in a range of styles. As such make sure to look out for the Chinese base, Thai style mid-section, and the Burmese inspired top level.

3. Visit to Kapitan Keling Mosque

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It is situated on the corner of Buckingham Street (Lebuh Buckingham) and Pitt Street (Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling). This is the first mosque in Penang and built in the 19th century by the Indian Muslim traders in Georgetonw. The Kapitan Keling Mosque is also the largest in town. The complex is surrounded by low walls and topped with Moghul-style copper domes.

“Keling” is a Malay term for people of Indian origin, nowadays considered offensive but not so considered at the time when the mosque was built. The “Kapitan ” was a representative of the Indian community, like the “Kapitan Cina” for the Chinese community.

4. Explore Little India


Little India represents a small section of Penang but it is certainly not to be dismissed because of its size.

As you walk around Little India look out for shops selling gorgeous colorful saris as well as perfume emporiums and incense shops. Other venues blast Bollywood music onto the streets and this is also one of the best places in Penang to sample some street food.

These include deep fried pastries such as samosas and this is also a great place to find one of the most famous drinks in Malaysia which is Teh Tarik or a kind of tea made with condensed milk and poured from one cup to another in order to create a thick foam head.

5. Take a Tram Ride to Bukit Bendera

Penang Hill is without a doubt one of the top attractions in Penang and towers to a height of 812 meters above sea level. The hill offers some much needed respite from the fierce heat of the city and getting there is part of the fun.

Penang Hill is serviced by the Penang Hill Railway which is one of the oldest funicular systems in the world and once you get to the top you can take in the amazing views across to Langkawi and Kedah.

There are also a range of nature trails here if you like hiking and you can also trek to the hill from the neighboring Botanical Gardens if you fancy a workout. 🙂

6. Butterfly Farm

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Anyone who likes flora and fauna should check out the Butterfly Farm in Batu Ferringhi. Its worth travelling to this Butterfly Farm. Here you will find an amazing 4,000 butterflies and 120 different species, all of which flutter around in a large and colorful garden.

Some of the species here include rare finds such as Yellow Bird Wing butterflies and Indian Leaf butterflies and the farm also works as a conservation center which is focused on breeding and caring for the habitats of these endangered species.

7. Trishaw Ride

One of the best ways to see Penang in an afternoon is to use one of its traditional modes of transport in the form of a colorful trishaw. The trishaws are either operated by a small motor or by pedal power. It is also usually covered in interesting design features such as fairy lights or flowers.

Riding in a trishaw also gives you to opportunity to check out some of the less visited parts of Georgetown and most drivers also act as guides and will fill you in on all the history of the areas you visit. But please be reminded that you are advice to ask for the price before you start your trip to avoid issues or argument on the pricing upon completion your ride.

8. Visit Khoo Kongsi

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Khoo Kongsi is another one of Penang’s most iconic attractions and used to be a clan-house in the days of old. Nowadays the home has been turned into a museum and you will find gorgeous architecture here as well as elegant stone carvings that have a heavy Chinese influence.

The home was built in the 19th century and has a number of breathtaking signature features such as a large temple altar that is decorated with gold leaf and inlaid with ancestral tablets.

You can take a tour of the house and if you happen to be in town at the right time you may even be able to watch a Chinese Opera show here as several performances take place throughout the year.

Is that ALL?

Obviously no. There are plenty other interesting place to explore & visit. Ill share with you in the next posting.


Penang Sentral – Hub Pengangkutan Awam Utara


Sebagai anak jati Pulau Pinang, Penang Sentral ini merupakan sesuatu yang telah lama ditunggu. Penang Sentral ini terletak di Butterworth atau dahulunya dipanggil Jetty Butterworth.

parkson terbakar.jpg

Sedikit latar belakang disebalik penantian warga Pulau Piang yang begitu panjang sehingga siapnya Penang Sentral ini.  Kompleks Suruhanjaya Pelabuhan Pulau Pinang (SPPP) atau lebih dikenali sebagai Jetty Butterworth telah terbakar tada 20 Mei 2001. Kompleks tersebut yang menempatkan terminal bas di tingkat bawahnya terletak berhampiran dengan pangkalan feri (yang sebahagiannya pernah runtuh pada 1988). Kebakaran itu berlaku di tingkat dua bangunan tersebut yang menempatkan pasaraya terkenal Parkson. Kebakaran besar itu hanya dapat dipadam sepenuhnya dalam tempoh lebih kurang 12 jam kemudian. Kemusnahan teruk itu menyebabkan ia tak dapat digunakan seperti biasa dan akhirnya telah dirobohkan sepenuhnya tidak lama kemudian.

Hari ni semua itu cuma sejarah. Dengan pembukaan Penang Sentral ni seperti membuka satu lembaran baru buat warga Pulau Pinang.

Hafiz berkesempatan untuk menggunakan kemudahan yang ada di Penang Sentral ni beberapa minggu selepas dibuka, ternyata ia sebuah penantian yang berbaloi.

Antara kawasan utama di dalam Penang Sentral ni
Kaunter tiket bas yang sistematik. Dah tak da ulat2 macam sebelum ni…
Kawasan menunggu bas ni di bahagi kepada dua. Bas tempatan & antara bandar
Kalau korang nak ke bahagian Pulau, bolehlah terus ke terinal ferry yang terletak di aras yang sama dengan kaunter tiket bas

Lepas ni kalau korang nak ke Pulau Pinang naik ETS, pastinya perjalanan anda akan jauh lebih mudah dari sebelum ini.