Why You Should Visit Gardens by The Bay, Singapore


Hello Singapore!

When you are in Singapore, dont forget to explore the enchanting Gardens by the Bay, in the heart of Singapore, which features more than a million plants. It’s a must destination to explore. Cloud Forest, Flower Dome or the main site of the supertree grove and surrounding 250 acres areas of the park.


The following attractions: The Cloud Forest, Flower Dome, OCBC Skyway, Supertree Grove, Heritage Gardens, Sun Pavillion, Children’s garden and Bay East Garden to mention the most notable spots.


My recommendation is to starting with the Cloud Forest since that’s the most popular place to visit at Gardens by the Bay. When entering the Cloud Forest you’ll be met by the tallest man-made waterfall in the world. Yes i am serious about this and good spot for you instagram material. On top of that, the Cloud Forest is also the biggest glass greenhouse in the world, impressive right?
There are several levels to stroll around and each will offer spectacular views, plants, and kind of a feeling that you’re walking in a movie. It’s huge glass greenhouse.


I recommend yo to spend about 1-2 hours. If you do it quickly it can be done in 20-30 minutes, but on the other hand, you won’t enjoy it as much if you’re just stressing through it. Take your time to enjoy the view in here.


Another popular spot here is the Flower Dome, and as you can guess from the name, this place is all about flowers from all over the world. If you’re into flower photography this place will probably be somewhat of a haven, and the same goes if you just like to see beautiful flowers. You will love it.


If you’re a solo traveller like me and just enjoy watching some beautiful flowers and move on quite quickly, I would say 30-60 minutes. If you’re into flower photography I can imagine that you could spend few hours in here. Just a quick tip if you want to avoid big crowds, try to visit on weekdays or early morning in the weekend.
Another activity you can try here is the famous OCBC Skyway, where you get to walk among the supertrees and enjoy amazing views. It’s a little scary if you’re afraid of heights, but it’s safe and you don’t have to worries as it’s quite stable. The total height is 22 meters and the whole aerial walkway is about 128 meters long. It’s an amazing experience that you can buy for SGD8 per person and i can assure you its worth for your instagram material.


The skyway is walkable in 5 minutes, but most people stay for about 20-30 minutes to take photos. It’s a great experience in itself and it’s pretty cool to walk 22 meters up in the air with an open surface. But if your visit here is during the weekend, you may need to spend some time to line up for your turn.
For the supertree grove, you can walk the entire place in about 10- 15 minutes, but again, there are a few spots where you will want to take photos. So, in total, I would recommend setting aside 30-60 minutes for the OCBC Skyway and Supertree Grove together.


  • Visit one of Singapore’s most popular indoor and outdoor attractions

  • Walk 22 meters up in the air and enjoy beautiful views

  • Amazing photo spots

  • Lots of beautiful flowers and plants

  • Explore three unique gardens

  • Wander around in the world’s largest glass greenhouse – the Flower Dome

  • Admire the world’s tallest indoor Waterfall in the Cloud Forest

  • Learn about each geographical environment and how climate change affects the plant’s life


The ticket itself include entrance to the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome. As mentioned before, the Supertree Grove is always open to the public, and the extra ticket for OCBC Skyway is 8 Singaporean dollars, or 5 SGD for children 3-12 years.


It’s easy to get to Gardens by the Bay with both car/taxi and public transport. Unless you stay close to Marina Bay Sands, I wouldn’t recommend walking. Grab is cheap to use in Singapore, but there is also a convenient train stop at one of the entrances.
There is also a shuttle from the entrance when you walk here from the Helix Bridge.


Via the Circle Line or Downtown Line
  • Alight at Bayfront MRT Station (CE1/DT16)

  • Take Exit B and follow the underground linkway

  • Exit and cross the Dragonfly Bridge or Meadow Bridge into Gardens by the Bay

Via the East-West Line
  • Alight at Tanjong Pagar MRT Station (EW15)

  • Take Exit C and head towards bus stop no. 03223 located at International Plaza, Anson Road

  • Hop onto bus no. 400 and alight at bus stop no. 03371 along Marina Gardens Drive


From the Helix Bridge Towards the Art Science Museum
Follow the footpath which leads under the East Coast Parkway (ECP), which will bring you directly into Bay South Garden along the waterfront.
From Marina Bay Sands
Walk across the overhead bridge (Lions Bridge) located at Marina Bay Sands Hotel (open daily from 8.00am to 11.00pm), or take the underground linkway via Bayfront MRT Station (Exit B).


This was my third visit to the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. I’ve always want to come back to this beautiful gardens.
All in all, I would definitely recommend everyone to visit the Gardens by the Bay if you go to Singapore. Even if you are a solo traveller, i assure you this is not an ordinary garden, it is Gardens by The Bay.
Yes, it’s touristy, but this tourist attraction is one of those touristy places you really like and enjoy. It doesn’t matter that it gets crowded later during the day, it’s still very enjoyable and the area is huge, so it hardly gets congested.
My favorite part of the Gardens by the Bay is the Cloud Forest, and no visit will be complete without it. My second favorite is the OCBC Skywalk, the view from here is amazing and memorable.

Kelebihan Singapore Tourist Pass

Posting kali ni jom kita kenali apa itu Singapore Tourist Pass(STP). Sejak ia diperkenalkan beberapa tahun lepas, Hafiz rasakan STP ni sangat2lah berbaloi untuk dibeli. STP ni boleh digunakan untuk menaiki semua bas2 awam, MRT & LRT di Singapura. Penggunaan tanpa had(unlimited). Best kan?

Deposit S$10 untuk setiap kad.

Jadi untuk trip korang ke Singapore nanti bolehlah beli STP ni ya. STP ni boleh dibeli di kaunter Transit Link. Kaunter Transit Link ni kebiasaanya terletak di stesen MRT. Dan jangan lupa untuk pulangkan kad anda bila dah nak balik Malaysia.. Nanti dapat balik deposit S$10 korang tu…

Itu saja untuk posting kali ni. 🙂


Bas Dari JB Sentral Ke Singapura

Pernah tak korang plan nak ke Singapura dengan menaiki bas? Kali ni Hafiz nak share cara untuk ke Singapura dan JB Sentral/JB CIQ dengan menaiki bas.

Baru2 ni Hafiz ada urusan di Johor Bahru. Seperti biasa bila kena ke JB dan kebetulan dah nak weekend, Hafiz decide untuk terus ke Singapore sebab dah lama tak ke sana.

Ni lah traffic weekend kebiasaanya. Dont worry.. tak lama mana pun…

Sebenarnya tak susah pun untuk ke Singapura dengan menaiki bas. First, bila dah sampai kat JB Sentral, cari arah untuk ke CIQ. Tak susah nak cari sebab banyak sign board dan orang pun ramai yang berjalan ke arah CIQ ni. Bila dah sampai CIQ ni terus jer sampai ke imigresen. Lepas dah settle semua urusan pasport, terus ke stesen bas yang terletak di tingkat bawah.

Bila sampai kat bawah tu, anda akan nampak tempat menunggu untuk bas Causeway Link (CW2). Sila beratur dan naik lah bas ni ya. Tambang ialah RM3.60. Bas ni akan membawa korang melalui tambak Johor. Setibanya di Woodlands, korang kena keluar bersama beg2 korang untuk melalui Imigresen Singapura. Ok bab ni korang kena cepat lah sket sebab nak kena kejar bas yang korang naik tadi. Lepas dah selesai urusan imigresen, macam kat JB jugak. Kena turun tangga untuk ke stesen bas. Cari bas yang korang naik tadi. Andai kata bas tu dah terlepas, beratur jer macam biasa. Nanti tanya dengan uncle(dia akan pakai baju causeway link) yang jaga kat situ untuk naik bas seterusnya. Kebiasaannya diorg lepas je naik tanpa sebarang charge.

Ni lah dia bas Causeway Link tu ya…

Ok sebab saya pilih bas CW2 ni sebab last station di Queen Street. Queen Street ni dekat dengan Stesen MRT Bugis. Selain dari tu ia juga dekat dengan Masjid Sultan. So kalau2 rasa nak terus makan, boleh lah cari direction ke Mesjid Sultan. Disinilah terletaknya Restoran Zam Zam yang famous tu. Banyak kedai2 makan yang halal di sini. Boleh korang makan tanpa was was.hehehe

Senangkan? Kalau ada sebarang pertanyaan bole lah tanya ya.


5Footway.inn Boat Quay, Singapura…

Posting kali ni Hafiz nak review pasal 5Footway.inn Boat Quay. Selling point 5Footway.inn Boat Quay ialah location dia yang terbaik. Korang boleh jalan kaki jer untuk ke Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands, Garden By The Bay & Chinatown.

Ok. Sebelum Hafiz cerita lebih details apa yang ada sekitar 5Footway.inn ni, jom kita kenal sikit latar belakang 5Footway.inn. 5Footway.inn ni ada 3 outlet di Singapura ni iaitu 5Footway.inn Boat Quay, 5Footway.inn Chinatown & 5Footway.inn Ann Siang. Tiga outlet ni terletak di kawasan2 yang strategik dan paling penting dekat dengan MRT.

Jom kita kenali 5Footway.inn Boat Quay ni. Disini ada pilihan sama ada ‘private room’ atau ‘dormitories’. Di 5Footway.inn ada ‘terrace’ dengan view Marina Bay Sands & Parliament House. Bolehlah korang rilex2 tengok view Singapura with zero cost..heheh Stesen MRT terdekat ialah Clarke Quay. Bila sampai di Stesen Clarke Quay ni cari exit ‘Boat Quay’. Keluar dari stesen tu, cari susur ke tebing sungai. Untuk memudahkan perjalanan, gunalah google maps untuk mengelakan korang buang masa sesat mencari jalan.

Lobby 5Footway.inn Boat Quay
5 footway inn
Bilik ni boleh accomodate hingga 3 orang. Harga lebih kurang RM300/night
view dari terrace kat 5Footway.inn ni. Terbaik tak?
Common area di 5Footway.inn

Kalau anda seorang solo traveller yang ada budget yang terhad, di 5Footway ni ada pilihan untuk tinggal dalam dorm dengan harga bermula dari RM80/night. Untuk tempahan korang boleh ke 5footwayinn.com

Khas untuk pembaca blog ni, Hafiz nak bagi promo code untuk korang guna. Anda cuma perlu guna code “HM10” dan email ke marketing@5footwayinn.com untuk dapat 10% discount. Promo code ni valid from now til end of January 2019. Jadi cepat2 lah buat tempahan ok?

Hafiz harap dengan serba sedikit perkogsian ni boleh bagi orang idea untuk korang buat pilihan di Singapura ya.

Nantikan Hafiz update untuk pilihan makanan Halal & murah ya.

Jom Ke Singapura!

Singapura. Bila last korang bercuti di Kota Singa ni? Hafiz nak share dengan korang apa yang korang boleh buat di Singapura dengan budget yang terhad. Secara amnya kita tahu matawang S$ ni lebih kurang 3 kali ganda RM. Bererti besarlah peruntukkan percutian tu. betul tak?

Untuk perkongsian July ni, Hafiz pilih Singapura sebagai tema untuk perkongsian. Dari perancangan perbelanjaan, tempat percuma yang korang boleh visit, aktiviti yang mesti buat di Singapura, lokasi makanan halal yang terbaik dengan harga berpatutan dan banyak lah lagi.

Apa keistimewaan Singapura ni? Bergantung kepada minat korang. Macam Hafiz ni memang seorang yang suka kepada reka bentuk/’architecture’ sesebuah bangunan. Jadi Singapura ni adalah destinasi terdekat dari KL untyuk cuci mata. Ramai arkitek berlumba2 buat design yang lawa dan menarik disekitar Singapura ni. Nanti dalam posting yang akan datang Hafiz akan share dengan korang semua.

Satu lagi yang paling warga Singapura boleh dibanggakan ialah kemudahan ‘public transport’ diorang. Memang terbaik. Semuanya Hafiz akan kongsikan secara terperinci dalam posting akan datang ya.